Wiring For Optical and HDD to Mobo

Hey guys and gals, looking for a little direction here.

I got a free pc from a coworker who said "here it won't boot you can have it"

So I was like OK!!!

Windows XP Home SP3
ASUS P5GC-MX/I333 Mobo
Intel Duo-Core Processor
Integrated Intel Graphics 950
Sony DVD/RW Drive
Asus Optical Drive
Floppy Drive
1 Western Digital 500Gb HD
1 Seagate 500Gb HD
Austin Power Supply 285 W

She won't boot, as he said. When started, the boot from safe mode screen appears and asks me what I want to do,
safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, safe mode with networking, last known good configuration.
Has a 30 sec countdown. No matter what I choose, it reboots and goes back to the same screen. I've tried tapping F8, F12, every FButton on the keyboard. I put in the XP cd to see if it would boot from that, no dice.

I think some things may be hooked up wrong as it was a homebuild and the guy doesn't know too much about computers as he is about 62 years old.

Where do all of these cables go? I know one of the red ones goes to the HD and also one of the power cables labeled SATA but where does everything else go and in what order?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. Could be a bad hardrive or motherboard. I would start by trying each drive one at a time. The sata drive has two connectors; they only fit one way due to the 90 degree bend at the end of each connector, and both are different sizes. You can use any sata port on the motherboard; looks like the 500 gb western digital may be newer, so try that one first. You can only have one master drive at a time; sata drives have no jumpers so after you get windows to load, connect the other drives while windows is running so it will configure the other drives as secondary and allow you to access the files. If a drive is wiped clean, you'll see a message such as "no operating system found" at the post screen, and you'll need a windows dvd and valid coa to load windows; many system cases have the windows coa you can use on the side of the case; I need a magnifying glass to read the number, especially if the label is damaged. Here's one youtube video for reference; do a search and you'll find other useful guides: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCbetxcYwNc. Good luck.
  2. Its maybe simply a corrupted Windows installation, and a repair install will most likely fix it. To do the repair install, you will need the XP installation disk. If the PC boots to Windows safe mode selection screen, there is a good chance nothing is wrong with your hardware, likely just a corrupted Windows driver or boot ini file issue.

    The clearish ended cables are power supply connections for IDE type drives, or other standard power connections like case fans, etc. The small white connection is a power connection for a 3 1/2" floppy drive. The black ribbon type cable is the data connection for IDE drive types.
  3. jitpublisher: I have the XP installation disk. When I put it in, nothing happens.
    So since I have two sata drives, they will have absolutely no black ribbon type cords going into them? Just a sata cord and a power cord?

    o1die: I have tried connecting both hard drives, one at a time. First I tried running it with only the western digital hard drive connected. Nothing else. No floppy, no disk drives nothing. Same result. I then tried the same procedure with the Seagate. Same result. I also tried both of these methods with the optical disk drive connected so I could put the XP cd in. Same result. I know the cd is spinning and its reading it and has power, it just wont boot from it.

  4. Btw I have an XP key just cant get anywhere close to where it asks for it, can't get into the BIOS either.
  5. Use the F6 key to enter safe mode. You need to use windows "system restore" if xp has such a program (which windows 7 has in the security section under "system protection". If your optical drive isn't working properly, a new one is in order. Newegg.com has them starting at around $18 shipped for the samsung dvd-rw oem, which I use. You may enter the bios with the keyboard connected using the "del" key which you can press just before the post screen. Be sure the cd>dvd drive is the first boot option, then the hardrive. At least you know the motherboard is probably good.
  6. Figured it out. Thanks o1die! The del key got me to the BIOS. Set up the boot order and it finally worked. Thanks for all of your help everyone!
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