Is the sony vaio vpceb11fm quad core capable?

Im looking to upgrade my vaio to the i7 720qm or 920xm cpu. Just as I was about to buy it i read your system is most like not compatible with quad cores if you dont have an independent gpu. Is this true?
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  1. anybody at all? lol
  2. You can't upgrade the CPU.
    An i3 is a dual core which is fine.
    That laptop lacks dedicated graphics.
    It uses onboard HD graphics which is designed to save power and do web browsing but not for gaming.
    Laptops parts are not upgradeable unlike Desktops.
    And you can't install a dedicated graphics either.
  3. Could I upgrade to the dual core i7 or i5 then?
  4. The only thing you can upgrade is your memory and adding a large hard drive.
    You should buy a new notebook with dedicated graphics if you are planning to play games.
    No, you can't upgrade your CPU.
  5. It's most likely soldered in.
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