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So I was bored and found my old HP desktop that had been lying in a box in my closet for a few years. My youngest brother needed a computer for homework, so i had decided to resurrect this old thing. I assembled it, pretty much everything was OEM. The processor, motherboard, power supply and case were all the same. The RAM and HDD was from another computer long gone, and the cpu cooler was aftermarket (AVC Black Samurai). Now, when I first built this thing, I had an AMD 3650 in it, just because it was there being unused,but then I remembered why it was unused; it was faulty and had a tendency to overheat. So i removed it before it caused my computer to shutdown due to overheating and switched over to the onboard video. Now the onboard video winds up giving me a green tinted screen. I know it's not the monitor because i tried out my computer on it, and it works fine. The computer has ubuntu on it and I was wondering if anyone knows why this is happening?
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  1. Solved: Turned out to be a fault VGA cable, go figure, thing broke in the midst of use. Aw well, I had a spare and all is well.
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