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Okay, so I have a Dell Inspiron 620, I'm upgrading it, are the SeaSonic M12II 520 and the Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 compatible with it?
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    Since the Inspiron 620 seems to be in ATX form factor (Micro-ATX to be exact) yes, those two components should work :)

  2. Just to make sure, there is space to put the 7850 in, right?
  3. Yes, definitely.

    You'll have to move your Wi-Fi card to the most bottom slot, however :) Just keep that in mind (shouldn't effect anything, though)
  4. Okay, and, if you could, give a link to a good guide for connecting the power supply, I'm worried that the one I'm buying won't have a good one.
  5. Though the topic of this link is different, it still includes every cable you should plug into your motherboard :)
  6. Oh, and also, is the case big enough? Final question
  7. Yes, it is big enough to fit the PSU and HD7850 :)
  8. Thanks
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  10. You're very welcome :)
  11. Oh, I read the card info and it said it was an OC addition, does that change anything?
  12. No, not much, really :) That only means the frequency of the card is a little higher. It would increase temperatures by a degree or two, but it shouldn't effect anything at all.
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