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Right now im having trouble with configuring my DSL modem to run with my Linksys WRT54GL router. So to give you ample information on what my modem and router are set for now, ill give you some information. I am hooking up both computers through the ports on the back, so none of them are wirelessly connected.

DSL modem information: at

Connection UP
User ID *********
Connected at 1536 Kbps (Downstream)
384 Kbps (Upstream)
Internet IP Address **.**.96.205
Internet Gateway Address **.**.103.254
DNS Servers
Mode PPP on the modem (Private IP for LAN device)
Timeout 20 Minutes

Linksys WRT54GL router information: at

the linksys is set for DHCP with all the other standard settings.

Ok so here is my issue, I am able to connect to the internet from both of my computers (seperately) by hooking them up directly to my modem. But I want to be able to use the internet on both computers I've been messing around with each. I'm not an expert with networking so I am asking for your advice on how to configure these two devices (modem and router) so that both computers can access the internet simultaneously.
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  1. change the LAN IP of the LINKSYS to and see if that will work
  2. Thanks, Emerald it worked. I never would have realized you just had to change the ip of the router. That is all i had to do, then power cycle all the devices and it worked just fine.
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