Newly Built Computer Freezing????

ok so i just spend a *** LOAD Aka 2200 dollars on my computer. (Custom built i made it by myself)
and all these random freezing occurs? For no reason. And the speakers they loop. Like a sound keeps playing over and over again. Mouse become unresponsive and screen too. Can anyone PLEASE help me with this problem.
I Think I have updated all the drivers
I have the latest BIOS
I have ran MeMTest with ALL ram sticks in for like 10 hours with not one error. Please help
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  1. Hmm..
    Can u told us, ur custom bulit spec ?
  2. i7 3930k
    Noctua nh-d14
    32gb of ram 4x8 ripjaws Z 1600
    Thermal take level 10 gt snow
    sabertooth x79
    ax850 w
    128gb SSD m4 crucial
    2tb green caviar wd
  3. check if everything is well seated on the board dont forget to tunr the power off before see this
  4. They all seem to be in place and working... Also is there a program to check if all my drivers are updated?
  5. i send you a link with the translator and install the plug in for your os
  6. Run minimalist for starters.

    Take out all the RAM sticks except for 1 as well as the 2nd hard drive and see if the problem persists.

    If it does, switch one of the removed RAM sticks with the one remaining.

    If it still does, switch hard drives.

    - Edit - By my estimates your parts list is $700 short at least. If you have video cards or other parts not listed we need to know those too.
  7. This usually occurs when im doing very heavy intensive editings (almost 75-90% cpu usage) and In my bios i am at the extreme setting that comes with most asus mobos)
    So my i7 3930k at 3.2 ghz is now at 3.8 ghz, also my ram which is 1600 speed. Is always set up at 1333 by default and i have to reset the speed and timings when i crash usuallly
  8. Do what I said.

    Go down to just 1 stick and see if it crashes.

    If it does, switch the remaining one with one of the ones that was removed.

    I am not just suggesting this stuff even though I don't really want you to do it.

    The faster you do the suggested tests, the faster your problem will be resolved.

    Do the other stuff I said too.
  9. so you're using on board video and no sound card ?

    what extreme settings that come with most ASUS boards ?

    intense editing. high cpu usage........ poor cooling/piss poor over clock/over volting ?

    for giggles replace battery.
  10. Sounds like a RAM related problem. I have had a similar issue before where a certain batch of RAM was not compatible with the motherboard. If you test the ram modules individually they passed, but as soon as the kit is in it fails a memtest.
    (download Hirens boot disk - this is really a must have for all techies)
    run MEMTEST (is available on the Hiren's boot disk)
  11. I have only even run memtest on individual sticks **after** failing with all sticks installed.....since you passed 10 hours with the kit, albeit with a run a little shorter than I'd like, I'm guessing problem lies elsewhere.

    If you are freezing up, you should have the errors defined in event viewer. What are the Event Viewer messages ? Are mini dump files being created (look for *.dmp files on C).

    Turn off the extreme settings and see if it occurs..... if not, your overclock isn't cutting it. 4 RAM modules can be a bit too much to handle on these OC settings. I have oft had problems with 4 modules that require reducing timings in order to maintain OC's that I could easily handle w/ two. But again, these problems popped up running a 12 hour memtest and you were able to pass 10 hours.

    Still, I'd try w/o the extreme settings. If that solves the problem, do a manual OC instead of the preset. On a side note, you may want to consider Mushkin or Corsair next time around. I can't seem to get the same stability out of Gskill as I do w/ the other two.
  12. Most of those memtest programs are 32 bit and can only address 4 GBs of RAM.

    It is possible that 10 hours of testing was done on 4 GB and the other 28 GBs received no testing whatsoever.

    I would still do the tests that I said in light of that.
  13. @99kevin99 do all the test that been suggest to you from forum members also start with factory settings first before overcloking
  14. Hi I have the same problem, did you solve it? If so can you tell me how? Thanks
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