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I turned on my computer today to find that everything was in slow motion. I turned off all the windows animation / effects. I reinstalled my video drivers (Radeon HD 4650).

It's especially bad while gaming.

The issue is NOT low framerates. The framerates are above 60 on League of Legends for example but everything is in slow motion, and every few seconds the game skips to catch up. Audio is normal, just video is the problem.

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  1. maybe virus.
  2. running full scan on C: now
  3. try to perform a boot scan virus run before any services's the best way to get rid of pesty viruses, trojans, etc
  4. Ran full virus scans found nothing.

    Reformatted and reinstalled windows, the problem still exists. This makes me think its hardware. I have a new video card coming in the mail tomorrow, so hopefully its that, but if not I'm completely stumped. Intel CPU diagnostics ran without error.
  5. run memtest from a boot cd or usb stick to check out if you have a stick of bad ram. the only thing that slow a pc down on a reimage of windows is if the main hard drive is going bad..i would run vendor tool (seatools for seagate) see if it the drive passes or fails.
  6. memtest ran ok, did a error check on the hard drive with windows 7 tool, everything is fine. or at least no problems were reported.
  7. Just installed a new video card, and I'd say the problem is now worse. Brand new HD 7850 with latest drivers on hdmi instead of dvi. Now the display doesnt even fill my monitor space and the graphics remain in slow motion.

    What the heck is going on!?
  8. what are your temps?
  9. 45c - 65c

    Update: I've replaced the harddrive, and am now running with only 1 stick of ram and the issue still persists.
  10. can you run 3dmark11 and post the scores and gpu and cpu temps?
  11. I flashed the bios and the problem went away, but when the video card drivers installed after that the problem came back! I can't flash the bios again because its already the newest version, so.... any ideas?
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