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Upgrading an older computer

Hey guys,

I have an older hp d5000t that has been treating me pretty well. I have recently gotten into SCII and if Diablo III is anything like the first two, I plan on spending a lot of time on that. I can play SCII on low right now, but after playing on ultra on my friend's computer I am itching for an upgrade.

I play at 1080p on a 24" monitor.

HP D5000t

CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9450
Ram: 6GB DDR2
Hard drives:

2-320 GB 7200 RPM drives
2-1.5 TB 5400 RPM drives

Currently have the stock video card, not worth mentioning.

PSU: 460 watts
Max of 385 watts


I have 1 6 pin connector and a pcie x16 slot.

Video cards I am considering:

6770 1GB DDR5-$80-$90
7750 $110

Thank you for the help!
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  1. the PSU would be too weak for any of those cards.
  2. captaincharisma said:
    the PSU would be too weak for any of those cards.

    Thank you for the quick reply. When I use the power supply calculator at the following link:

    Selecting my components and a 7770, and 85% TDP. It calculates that I require 343 watts. What am I missing?

    What is the best card that will work with my PSU?


  3. all of those cards should work. 385w is plenty for those.

    if you want to be safe then buy the 7750 as it barely uses any power.
  4. when you did those calculation did it factor in how much power one of those GPU's when playing one of the graphic intensive games you are trying to play? the card could most likely run fine if doing any 2D or office work on it but the big thing is how much power will the card be drawing when it is being tasked
  5. 7750 should be fine for the PSU, but a 385 watt power supply is pretty weak and could lead to premature failure of some components (including that brand new video card and the PSU). All in all it seems like a well rounded PC, it is a core 2 quad not core 2 duo right?.
  6. generally the calculators account for max stress already.
  7. for example here is a link to the system requirements for a stock 6850 and it requires a 500W or greater PSU
  8. the recommendations from amd are much exaggerated. The actual power draw during stress tests of the whole system should be below 300w for the whole system.
  9. i would rather go by that then spend close to 200 bucks on a GPU and and then risk blowing both of them
  10. Yes it is a core 2 quad, I fixed the original post. I am quite pleased with the performance given the age. I plan on replacing one of the hard drives with an SSD to boost performance.

    How worried should I be about premature power supply failure? I currently game around 5 hours a week, although this will jump up to around 10-15 hours during the summer.

    Are these the best cards my PSU can handle without significant worry?

    Thanks again for all the help.
  11. I would say you won't have to worry much but that would depend on the quality of your psu and not the wattage.
  12. You could slide in a 7770 under that power budget. I wouldn't go any higher though.
  13. Thanks for all the help.

    So the 7770 is the best option at this point?

    Any reason to wait a month to buy given I can find a good deal? I know Kepler is supposed to be released soon.

    Thanks again
  14. probably should wait a month. The 7770 is pretty over priced right now.
  15. Just my two penceworth but what is your budget, Darren 5531? It might be better to upgrade the PSU in order to open up other options on the graphics side, 1080 is a large resolution after all. I'm not suggesting you sell body parts, though ;)
    You might find this helpful, particularly the hierarchy chart at the end:,3107.html

    If you can wait, wait, the lower specced Kepler cards are supposed to launch next month AFAIK.
  16. Coozie7, I don't have a set budget, but it would be hard to justify spending too much with the lack of gaming I do. My main concern is that I will be CPU limited, especially for starcraft II. Another concern of mine is the motherboard capable of handling a new power supply?

    If I have a $200 budget for a new power supply and graphics card, what do you suggest?

    I can wait a few weeks/month for the right deal to come around.

    Thank you for your help
  17. Here is a good PSU, there is a promo code lasting until the 19th..

    I'd also get a 6850 because that power supply shouldn't have a problem handling that and it is quicker than the 7750, and more expensive 7770

    Prices won't be dropping anytime soon.. This will pretty much max out your PC. you'll be able to play most games, maybe not at high or with all the shadows on, but it'll do the job for quite a bit.
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    @ Darren5531:
    It's an older CPU, but at such a high video resolution (assuming you set the game to 1080 ;) ) even a fast card may turn out to be the 'bottleneck'.
    As long as any replacement PSU is fairly modern, it will connect with your system with no problems at all, the key is to get a good brand, cheap PSU's often lack the protection found in better quality units and almost always fail to reach their declared output.
    As for card choice there are plenty around but it'll obviously depend on where you live as to which deals are available. And they change. All the time. You can either wait until the new Fermi cards are released and decide then (my choice) or, as we say in the UK 'strike while the Iron is hot' and grab the best deal on the day you go shopping.

    Have a read here:,3107.html
    I find the chart at the end to be particularly useful.

    A quick look on Newegg shows a fair number of HD6850/GTX560 class cards available for under $150 although the PSU choice is more limited but this is good:
    Do n't worry about the 'low' Wattage, it's a quality unit with ample power for your system.

    Just one last point: check the power connectors on any card you look at, some require two others one, although most cards come with at least one adaptor to covert a pair of 4-pin molex to a single 6-pin PCI-E it will be a little annoying if you have to pop out to the shops to buy a converter as soon as you unwrap that shiny, new card ;)
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