Asus gtx560 and a fsp 400w psu?

Hello Everyone,
I am about to order a asus gtx560 Directcu2 but im planning to stick it in a pc with a FSP (fortron) ATX-400PNF psu -
any thoughts on if it will actually run? the comp itself is a conroe e6600 @ 2.4 ghz / 4 gigs of hyperx ram,
and a single wd caviar harddrive - i am planning to do a total system upgrade in 2-3 months time
to something really powerful and possibly SLI gpu's so probably the smart thing to do would be to get a strong PSU that i can use for the next pc, however that is out of my current budget, and i see no point in getting one that's "just enough" so that i need to change it again later - do you think it will actually run this gpu? (i chose the 560gtx because as old as this PC is - it can run new games quite good actually, i had a 9800gt in it for a while and i was satisfied with what it did around half the resolution of my 1080p screen - and a 550ti dont seem quite enough since i want to run everything at 1080p
here are the specs of the psu:
w w w SPEC pdf.pdf
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  1. i read on some tests myself that this card could pull up to 220w under full load..
    some other sites suggested the numbers around 180w,
    i believe the card's official min requirement is 450w psu
    my psu specs say that both 12v rails total output not exceed 348w,
    and i dont use any cd/dvd roms, so i have enough cables to connect the two 6pin's
    should i bite the bullet? - i'd need it to last only for a month really,
  2. EVGA recommends 450 watts minimum so no. What you are trying to do here is quite risky. You will be pushing your psu to the limits and it will probably fail and go kamikaze on your components. 9800 gt has low power consumptions compared to the gtx 560.

    For your build i recommend Something like this a Corsair cx600 v2 it's 60 dlls on amazon. Plenty of power for your needs.

    If you want a modular and almost top notch quality then Get this seasonic 620 watt semimodular great psu for 90 dlls on amazon
  3. I would say it will do it but you are cutting a bit close. the card does a max of 200w and generally the other parts of your system won't be above 150w but your psu might have degraded over time and thus could be insufficient.
  4. If your doing a complete overhaul in a couple months I suggest holding off on the GPU upgrade until then.Nvidia will have released the rest of it's lineup,prices may drop and who knows you may want a different card by then.

    But to answer your question no I don't think it will.
  5. purple stank said:
    If your doing a complete overhaul in a couple months I suggest holding off on the GPU upgrade until then.Nvidia will have released the rest of it's lineup,prices may drop and who knows you may want a different card by then.

    But to answer your question no I don't think it will.

    the trouble is i am running on integrated intel g41 right now and it's simply killing my nerves -
    so i will most likely trade this one in and grab smth more powerful from the 6 series in a few months but now im in need of a fix so to speak! :)
    well if the psu dies from this i woudlnt be concerned but if it can fry other components i wont push my luck,
    im only hoping it would be fine since the cpu is rated at 65w and all i have is one hard drive there
  6. trying something that uses less power like the 7770 or 7750 would be safer.
  7. see now im intrigued to just try it out and post results here - more fun for everybody! i guess will see after the weekend,
    on a small sidenote - is there a difference in connecting the 6pin adapters to different 12v rails instead of the same one? atleast on these lower-end psu's? (im a noob at this)
  8. Well your going to do an overhaul anyway so why don't you just buy the PSU now.

    What do you mean by that? Are you talking about different rails as in a PSU that has multiple +12/v rails?
  9. in short - yes

    since Amps = Watts divided by Volts.
    and the psu specs say:
    +12V1DC & +12V2DC total output not exceed 348w (max. load on each 18A)
    (3.3+5+12+12 tot. not. exc. 385w)
    i have max 29A on the 12v rails?
    ~i guess the thing has a 70% overall efficiency at max loads.. 100.000 hour reliability
    at least if any of that information is actually true

    from EVGA site:
    Minimum of a 450 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 24 Amps.)

    now if my cpu eats 65w (max?) .. harddive WD1600AAJS read/write 9.5W
    Asus P5QPL-AM motherboard - (some low power cons. babble on asus website)

    seems to me unless this thing has caught depression over the few years of use
    under a mostly low power system (most time spent w/o dedicated gpu - no overclocking)
    it should run?... or it still won't? or we simply can't tell?
  10. it probably will run but who knows for how long and what it can damage if it dies.
  11. That's the thing with multi-rail PSU's.The amps on each rail don't add up the same as a single rail PSU.Each rail can only deliver a certain amount of power.They are separate not together.EVGA recommends 24 amps on a single rail.And since you don't know what's connected to each rail it makes it difficult to add up the power usage.That's why I don't like multi-rail PSU's.

    Tech specs says it will work but I don't trust it.Honestly it's a piece of junk.
  12. 24A is only 288W
  13. Yeah that's odd.They must have been referring to the card itself,not the entire system.
  14. doubt it since the card only has 2 6 pin connector for a max board power of 225w.
  15. I tried a GTX 460 on a Antec 430. 32amp total on the 12v rails.
    Lasted 2 weeks and failed.
    Luckily it did not take anything else out with it.
  16. Companies usually grossly overstate the actual wattage/amperage needed to run the card.
  17. Unolocogringo said:
    I tried a GTX 460 on a Antec 430. 32amp total on the 12v rails.
    Lasted 2 weeks and failed.
    Luckily it did not take anything else out with it.

    well the 560 is quite a bit more power efficient... i think the 460 eats some 40-70watts more...
    but yeah - i think we've established here that this is a rather stupid idea unless i want to connect it
    and only look at how smooth windows aero scrolls :)
  18. hmm - do these cards work with power cable disconnected?
    my 9800gt did have that option (8800's didn't) ... it just ran on lower performance
    but games were quite playable - that would be fine for a few weeks till i get a decent psu...
  19. the new cards really won't run I don't think.
  20. They're supposed to downclock.But it's considered a fail safe.You aren't meant to use it like that.

    Out of curiosity what exactly are you planning on getting for your new rig?
  21. well that's still under question, all about the budget ill gather,
    also i want to see what goes on with the new lga2011 platform in the coming months (will there be smth else?)
    - aren't there some new intel cpu's supposed to come out?
    pretty sure i will be grabbing a i7 with some OC'd ram - how powerful time will tell,
    i do know that while mainstream quality brand motherboards provide all you need they only do "just that" -
    my current one is great and small but i cant overclock over ~13% with it cuz it wont let me adjust cpu's voltage -
    so i just leave it alone altogether, in general im a no-overclock kinda guy but this system will need to last me a few years so...
    no saving pennies on mobo, next problem is -
    i use the pc both for work and fun, and due to my timezone i work mostly at night -
    quiet cooling will be necessary, currently i run a Zalman CNPS9500 AT (since ~2007 without a single problem)
    might even be able to flip it over to the new platform if they sell a changeable bracket for that
    - on max fan power i dragged both cpu cores down to 16 degrees celsius just by opening the window -
    25 - 35 degrees in silent mode, so im a believer in these products :)
    (i'd probably save a few pennies and get the gtx560 with the directcu1 instead of 2nd gen cooler but i hear those have a noisy fan on idle)
    an SSD will most likely be a must for system and a regular 1TB or so for storage,
    basically i want a system that will be able to multitask - possibly a two monitor setup so i can run a game but keep my eye on what goes on on the desktop and
    be able to switch fast, i do flip through quite a few websites and use remote desktop and voip phones for work at the same time.. that kinda thing
    - need that fast response, i will want to upgrade to smth higher than the 560 later on because i dont have time to game alot -
    but when i do im quite the eye candy maniac..
    (i played crysis mostly for the graphics and to walk around punching trees and runnin through the woods enjoying how the shadows move :D)
    just never in the past devoted enough budget for it, so if i end up with loud cooling i might want some watercooling added to the bundle...

    and this is why it'll be impossible to choose the PSU now ... or ill just have to go for smth bigger and more expensive

    also here in Latvia prices are not as nice as in usa.. for instance the corsair 600w psu mentioned aorund $60 on amazon is over 90 here from trustable retailers
    for the big build i might order some stuff from other countries but for now that's too complicated,

    gpu should be here on monday or tuesay till then ill figure out what to do

    fun stuff - read about the oc'd 9800gt 1gb on gigabyte's website and it said - a 500w psu is a MUST! .. now that's a bit of a overstatement i think...
  22. It's not impossible to choose the PSU now.It's the one part(besides the case)that doesn't have to be upgraded and lasts the longest.A simple 650watt should be fine for now and the future.Graphics cards are going to consume less and less power as time goes on so don't worry about not being able to support the next generation of GPU's.

    Yes,like I said before both Nvidia and AMD grossly overstate how much power is needed.The card itself doesn't consume more than 110watts.Which means you don't really need more than a 350watt quality PSU.They do that because lots of PSU companies cut corners and false advertise.And they don't want to get sued for something the PSU companies did.
  23. i suppose i should have read this first:

    interesting stuff in the "Single 12V rail or multiple 12V rails? The eternal question answered" section and it's comments
  24. That's why I don't like multiple rails.You can't just add up the amps on the +12/v rail.You have to go by what the PSU lists the +12/v rail can deliver.That can be troublesome sometimes because not all PSU makers provide you that important fact.

    I just find it a lot more simple with a single rail.
  25. well the card is finally here.. 3 days late anyway :)
    just looked at some physx goodies in mirrors edge... everything's supersmooth,
    so we have a confirmation - it works, but i think ill skip on Crysis until my new PSU arrives haha, loving the DirectCU2 cooler on the card - it was well worth the extra money over some cheaper brands - it's totally quiet... jumps to maybe some 30% during gaming and keeps the temps ~40-50 c, i wish i had some tools at home to measure the watts im pulling from the socket tho... also added some nice zalman coolers to the case but my psu have no more cables left to connect them to...
    so - maybe FSP make a decent psu after all... it's atleast 4 years old this one
  26. by the way the drivers scared the crap out of me... for some unknown reason i istalled the asus tools.. smartdoctor and whatnot from the cd before i downloaded the geforce drivers... -bad idea! i couldnt get out of vga mode at first... afer a reinstall i got thru to proper video but aero was not working... (i installed the 285 drivers since i read some bad stories about 296's .. pink screens artifacts.. ) couldnt get those to work properly - uninstalled and wiped clean with Driver Sweeper and installed the new 301.24 beta and everything seems running great
  27. Glad everything turned out good for you.
  28. got another question,
    i probably shouldnt judge until a proper PSU is connected but it seems the card performs maybe some 15-30% better than a 9800gt - reviews and benchmarks suggest the difference should be much bigger,
    i monitored the performance a bit through Asus Gpu tweak and windows task manager while running far cry 2 maxed out at 1080p (no AA) - im getting between 20-60fps mostly between 30 and 40...
    my card is the OC'd version at 850mhz
    gputweak shows 40-50% gpu usage most of the time with maybe 1 small spike to 100% on every test run,
    task manager shows cpu constantly between 80-100%, GPU temperatures keep constantly around 50c
    i overclocked CPU to some ~2.65 ghz and i can see some performance boost
    some review benchmarks suggest far cry 2 1980x1200 FPS in the 80-90 area with 4xAA for this card...

    - is it safe to say this is a CPU bottleneck? or i might be looking at a bigger problem here?

    (core2duo E6600 2.4ghz fsb 1066 4MB cache)
  29. Get a 7850 it'll be safer.
  30. diec4st said:
    Get a 7850 it'll be safer.

    first thing's first - is it really not possible to talk about a nvidia card without some AMD spammers coming out of the woodwork?
    also for that money in my country you can buy a 560 448core which i would possibly do...

    also im getting a corsair psu soon...
  31. Yes it's safe to say you have a CPU Bottleneck.
  32. lol... same fps at 720x480 as 1920x1080 ... i think i can sleep well knowing this cards performance won't disappoint me - this more than anything else will make me get the new buid sooner...
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