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Hi there,

For a while now I've been thinking and planning a new build from the ground up as I currently only run on an aging laptop. At first I was aiming for an Intel i5-2500k, but as the new Ivy bridge is now out, I was thinking going for a i5-3570k with an Asus P8Z77 V Pro mobo.

I'm planning on doing mild overclocking, going to buy probably the Corsair 512 evo cooler, 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 RAM. But where I need the most help is in choosing the GPU, and to some degree the PSU.

Going Ivy and Z77 I was aiming for a PCI 3.0 GPU (might as well use the tech I'm paying for right?), but being on a budget, I was hoping to the best bang for my buck. Also, while I don't want to put too much money on the PSU, I don't want to get a cheap one that will blow in my face or not be powerful enough. What wattage should I aim for?

All feedback and suggestions will be appreciated, I am learning after all!

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  1. You could get by with 450 watt or so but to have room for growth shoot for 600 to 750 watt. I see NE has Corsait 80+ Bronze 750 watt on sale for $85 with rebate. I usually get Antec or Seasonic. Watch the sales and save 30 to 40. You sould get at least an 80+ rated and Bronze like Corair above and 80+ silver and gold are even better. There is an Antec 430 D 80+ on sale for $40 but you would be nearly maxed out depending on the GPU you select and the number of drives etc. OCZ 750 modular.. I have never had one of theirs.
    I am not a gamer so no advice on GPU. a little more , not on sale now. Modular 80+ Gold by FSP good rating Sesonic 80+Bronze modular $70 not on sale
    If not in a hurry, Sesonic 80+Gold when on sale 90 to 100 650 watt
    Lots of them have free shipping when on sale too.
  2. From my perspective, there are two sweet spots when it comes to GPUs. The forst is at about 120 where you can get a radeon 6850. The second sweet spot is at about 220 where you can get a radeon 7850.
  3. Unless ur goin with pcie 3.0 gpu ivy is not very useful so go for p8z68-pro/gen i5 2500k 650 w and hd 6850
  4. Unless ur goin with pcie 3.0 gpu ivy is not very useful so go for p8z68-pro/gen i5 2500k 650 w and hd 6850
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