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Hello,I have a curiosity question. If say a buisness had had static class b block of public ips and wanted to have a core router that used the public ips and provided internet connectivty to 3 distro routers connected to it on the lan side. The core router would have a firewall protecting the lan side from the wan side.
Each of the routers connected to the core router which would have nat for internet access. Behind each router would be 5 interconnected vlans which use private ips. If one or more vlans behind one of the distro routers needed to pass lan traffic over the wan to a vlan behind another distro router while matianing nat how would this be done? Is this possible at all?
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  1. You wouldn't need to send the traffic over the WAN for Vlan to Vlan communications. Just add routes to the firewall which will get a packet destined for a vlan and it will send it to the correct distro vlan router.

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