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Hp S2031 monitor help

can someone please help me fix my monitor. it may be defective but i don't know. so let me layout the situation for you guys:
1) im just using my computer perfectly, then it freezes or i accidentally shutdown <---at this point screen works perfectly
2)so i try to restart my computer, the screen refuses to get any input signal and all it says is no input signal found , check your cable....<-- obviously checking the cable didn't help my problem
3)so i resort to a more extreme method of trying to get it to work to no avail. i just overload the computer with turn on and off requests<--- still doesn't work
4)give up on the computer...

basically i just need help to make the screen restart immediately after i restart or it freezes

my monitor: is an hp s2031
graphics card: nvidia graphics card(geforce 6200 LE)

thank you in advance for helping me fix this vexing problem :wahoo:

oh and yeah i put it in the graphics card section bcuz i think it may be caused by my graphics card/ video card idkthough
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    remove the 6200 le and connect ot the internal graphic card if syystem work then the extension card is defective you will need a new one but in the same specs of the 6200 le
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