Gtx 680 with multiple displays

I basically just had a quick question and I have been trying to get it answered but really have yet to find any set in stone answer...Can a single 680 output to 3 monitors at once (I believe for nvidia it is called nvidia surround) and still run smoothly in say BF3 or MW3? I really dont understand most of the specs of a video card so it is kind of a mystery to me. Any information would be great, thanks in advance!
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  1. Yes you can output to 3 monitors with a 680.
    As for performance have a look at toms 680 review for the fps figures or any other reputable site with a 680 review.
  2. Legit Reviews has some nice benchmark (I found it after browsing awhile ago) I can say that only Metro 2033 is unplayable by 3x1920x1080

    Note: They are using a MSI Lightning 7970 which is pre-overclocked 145Mhz higher from stock clock. So I think this is why 7970 wins most of the time. But this should give the Idea that it's pretty ideal to play games in 3x1920x1080 with GTX 680.
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