4 way SLI gtx680s, is it possible?

Hi everyone :)

Just wondering,
I noticed on the Nvidia website that it says the gtx 680 is capable of 3 way SLI,
and now im confused cause,
I always thought it was capable of 4 way SLI but now I'm not sure..

If anyone knows feel free to comment :)
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    Yes it is possible and there are numerous reviews on it , just google 680 Quad SLI and have a look.
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  3. Cheers :)
    I was hoping that was the case

    thanks again!
  4. No problem , glad I could help , the results are quite impressive actually. :)
  5. yeah I definitely agree :)
    I've always known SLI to scale less and less with every additional GPU,
    especially when it comes to quad SLI.

    but these benchmarks are very reassuring, and the scaling seems to hold high percentages even with 4 way SLI
    Its great to see! :)

    cant wait to get my hands on a few 680s & test it out :)
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