Can i start a new system on an old HDD?

Okay , I am getting a completely new system ( Mobo / CPU / GPU / RAM / Case ) .. Only thing i am keeping from my current build is the HDD as its still new ( 4 Months Old ) .. So Is it possible to do this? Its a hardware issue i am afraid of but a software one .. As this HDD contains the drivers all the Old build .. Could that conflict with the new drivers for new PC ? Would it even boot? if yes then if i just re install wins will that be fine?
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  1. Well you might want to format the hard disk to clear it unless you have important stuff on it, I don't know what drivers you're talking about, but if you mean the BIOS, that's all on the motherboard.

    Also, you need to check if you hard disk is the right connection. If you bought a new mobo it probably has SATA, your old hard disk may be IDE, so you might need to buy a SATA hard disk.

    And you did buy a copy of windows for this new PC right? If you're using windows from a PC that you bought in a store and didn't build, then it's illegal, and probably won't work.

    I'm reporting this to the police just in case.
  2. I did not mean the BIOS mostly , But like audio drivers / lan and so

    And , Ye the HDD is SATA.

    Well , So if i understand you correctly .. If i format C and re install windows it will work right?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS : I lol'd @ reporting this to the police.
  3. Well you can just download all those drivers online I think.

    Formatting will work, but you'll lose EVERYTHING on the disc, and your copy of windows has to be OEM that you bought, if you ripped it off an old computer you got from a store then it probably won't work as they only work with the computer model they came on.

    And you think I'm kidding?

  4. Alright thanks for the info on formatting mate .. I will just try to boot it first .. if it boots i will go ahead and re install and if it does not then i will just format C completely ( Somehow ) then Install on Clean HDD.

    Even if you are not kidding .. How do you even know where i live lol.
    Even if you know where i am living .. what will you say ? I suspect someone on tom's hardware forum does not have legit windows?
    So ye i think your kidding :D

    No hard feelings tho .. Thanks for da help.
  5. No. Unless the new system has exact same hardware this would be a bad idea.
  6. JackNaylorPE said:
    No. Unless the new system has exact same hardware this would be a bad idea.

    Even if i format the C drive? And no nothing in the hardware is even close to the hardware i have now.
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