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First i want to say hi:D and this would be my first post on this forum as i am new so please excuse my mistakes at least this time :)

Well basically the story is like that.. :lol: i need some advice with a computer bundle, first there are couple of things i wanna mention, i am goin to use this PC mainly for gaming .... and i am pretty much a multi tasking guy... i usually have lot's and i mean lots of tabs opened in chrome...sometimes i go as far as 20 tabs x 2 or 3 in different instances of chrome ... i know it's kinda stupid but whatever everyone with his needs:P so i want to get my crappy machine up to date as much as possbile and to begin with i wouldn't be willing to pay more then £300 as i made up few options and i was satisfied for about 260-285 ye anyway i curently have this pc:

E3200 2.4 ghz cpu
Geforece 9600 gso
7200 RPM Seagate Baracuda
450 PSU

I know not that good but it did played everything at max until recently....there are 3 games that can't really play them bf3 nfs the run and apb reloaded so ye..time to change:D

Well i was thinking of:

FX 8120 - £125
G-Skill 8GB 1600Mhz - £37
Asus M5A78L-M LX V2 - 38
Palit GeForce GTS 450 Smart Edition 1 GB - £60

And this would give me a good performance a a good price.....but then again i heard 100 guys saying good stuff about bulldozers and 1000 saying they are bad...with all the idiots going around the internet that can't just stop being so defensive(fanboys) you can't even make the difference any more...are they serios..or they are just trolling the product...

Then my other option would be something with an i5 2500K and 8 gb G-skill ripjaws 1600 Mhz and the rest i haven't looked on as i didn't really consider it by now.... but here again...i heard a lot of good things about this cpu for example that it's good for gaming and that it does easily 4.2 OC on stock...which is awesome as i intend to do overclocking but still i have seen no proof and im starting to be disappointed in the cpu already as the i5 2500k should be better then i7 920 and yet i know a guy with the i7 and 2 other with i5... the guy with i7 runs bf3 and apb at the same time and get's 120fps in apb and over and more then 60 in bf3 with a similar 450 gts card... and the funny thing is that he runs them both at the same time.... while the guy with i5 gets solid 60 fps in apb but that's it and he had the GerForce 560 already overclocked version,so 60 fps is not that good as i intend to do streaming and recording... now could you guys recommend me some combos in that price range? and whatever should i be worried of the i5 or fx... also would i be able to keep my 450w psu as there will be no sli ?

I'm very sorry for the long :pt1cable: so keep in mind guys main focus is gaming, streaming and recording you know normal tasks....also if i could run 2 games at the same times just as the outdated i7 920 that would be great . Thank you
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  1. Looks fine but that video card is garbage for gaming.
  2. The cpu, ram and mobo are good and will do you fine, but really need to upgrade the gfx card that will not be good for gaming.
    What is your budget for spending on a gfx card, that way we can help you choose much better card.
    Also i would make sure you get good psu, false economy to get cheap generic psu, corsair seasonic would be my recomendation.
  3. well as i mentione above i have to fit in the max 300 budget and still i don't know i5 or 8120 plus with another gfx the budget will go straight highh
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  5. thanks for moving the post and sorry... maybe it will get a lil more attention in here:D
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