Would my Corsair HX750W Support two GTX 680 in SLI?

As the thread title says. I've heard in the review that it is under-graded and that it can easily pull up to 850W of power while remaining stable.

Even if it isn't the case, would I be able to SLI two GTX 680 Reference video card? I'm using an i5 3750K with 8gb of ram at stock speed (1833Mhz)
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  1. Yes.

    It can actually pull 900W, just not at a silver rating.
  2. Yes, I use a HX750 and am extremely happy with it. Using a 560ti under torture test it only draws ~400W so I would say 680 SLI would be no problem at all.
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    Uploaded with Power Consumption Results: Our testing results show that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 SLI setup uses just shy of 600 Watts in our test system during Furmark testing and averaged under 550 Watts in the games. We saw power numbers all over the place in the games due to the dynamic clocks of this card. This is one of the reasons we are now averaging a number of tests rather than just one. As for idle power use, the GeForce GTX 680 uses 98 Watts at idle, while the GeForce GTX 680 SLI setup uses 116 Watts. Source:

    Uploaded with . 680 SLI uses

    All points out to 750W being more than enough.
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    Thanks a lot guys, that makes me really happy :)

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