Choosing processor for multithreaded computing (Non-hard core gamer)

I have selected two processors for my need multi-threaded computing
(light DB server+IDE like eclipse/netbean+servers like tomcat/weblogic with lots of Photoshop processing) (I am not a hard core *gamer ).
So I narrowed down to two processor AMD FX-8150 and Intel i7-3770 (costs $110 extra ).
I have seen lots of review that FX-8150 is lags behind i7-3770. but, is it worth spending $110 for i7-3770?
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  1. What you have found is exactly right. I don't think anyone can decide for you what's worth it for you and what isn't.
  2. The FX-8xxx Achile's heel is the relative scarcity of massively threaded applications but this becomes a less important setback when you start multi-tasking with multiple moderately threaded programs which are collectively capable of giving the 8xxx a decent workout.

    Multi-tasking which is what the 8xxx is best suited for is rarely represented in benchmarks which are too often heavily biased towards gaming.
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