Budget Build Computer for D3 -1080p Max setting

Hello Forum members.

Looking to build a computer for my co-workder and Need some advise.

He will be playing at 1080p and wants to be at Max settings with a budget computer. He would like to be under $600 + tax range.

OC: no
Not needed: OS, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, etc

I need to shop at http://www.canadacomputers.com/

This is what I have in mind so far:

Nelly’s Computer (Budget Build)

Uncle Nelly’s Computer (Budget Build)
Case: Antec ONE Game case: $34.99 (-10.00 discount -10.00 MIR) Item Code: CSAT001275
Optical Drive: LG GH24NS90: $16.99 Item Code: DVLG000850
CPU: i3-2120 LGA1155 3.3Ghz $134.99 Item Code: CPUI002465
MOBO: ASRock H61M-HVS Socket 1155 $59.99 (-5.00 MIR) Item Code: MBAR000450
Computer Memory: Corsair XMS3 Classic 4 GB 1333 MHz $31.99 Item Code: RAMC001050
HDD (Hard drive): WD Caviar Black (WD750AAEX) $99.99 Item Code: HDWD001462
PSU (Power Supply): Corsair Builder Series CX600 V2 600 Watt $54.99 Item Code: PSCO000581
GPU (Graphics): EVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti $219.99 Item Code: VCEV001655
Total: $653.92 + tax

Is this set-up ok? Will it run D3 on max?

Again, I can only shop at canadacomputers.com

Thanks guys!
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  1. I assume you mean the WD7502AAEX, well sure. You may want to upgrade to a solid 1TB, maybe get a WD Blue 1TB if it costs too much.

    The CPU is 2nd gen, i3 is fine but you might want to wait a little for 3rd gen i3, or maybe modernise and get a quad core i5 PC.

    Antec case is slightly cheap/ugly, may want to look into getting a CM storm enforcer or haf

    If you decide to get a i5 3*** then you'll want a Z77 Pro3, Pro4, or Extreme4. Otherwise you may want to get a different mobo as your CPU isn't overclockable

    You might want to get corsair vengeance, it's 1600Mhz which is the fastest point before any faster is just unnoticable.

    You might want to get an asus 24 b3st optical drive, more reliability/better quality

    For PSU you may want to find a bronze certified one, like a TX650 or 550

    Don't know about AMD graphics, but do you need that to play diablo? I thought it's an MMORPG
  2. Thanks for the reply GeForce6, but I need to know if the above system can run Diablo 3 at max setting at 1920x1080p and anything else I can get cheaper at canadacomputers.com
  3. Anyone? =)
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