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Hi guys, please help me with my problem. I have gtx 460 ddr5 1GB video card with 4GB ram. im a hardcore gamer and iv been wanting to play games with astonishing graphics so i decided to buy a high performance video card and to be followed on the future. but 1 thing really keeps on shitting me.

when i use the hdmi cable and connected it on my video card straight to the monitor, the graphics of the game suddenly disappoints me (it like too bright with halos on the edges and like a sharp color that is not supposed to be) and the text are like compressed and blurry. Whats wrong with my system? Oh btw, im using toshiba regza hdmi ready. its an LCD monitor that you can also put a cable for tv.

iv been trying to solve this by myself but i cant find any solution. Please guys help me quick with this im so upset i just wnt to feel the satisfaction and the cost of my rig. Thanks so much hoping for a quick response thanks!
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  1. Does it have a DVI connection?
    If so try it out and see which one looks best.
    Also check your resolution and see if it is set on the highest.
  2. oh btw im a hardcore gamer of the microsft flight simulator and i really want to achieve the graphics that i want and not the one getting blurried and very sharp brightness thanks.
  3. yes it has. is that the one with white port?
  4. and when i set the resolution to its default the font would be very small and very compressed and it will not be readable anymore
  5. Ok good to hear , get a DVI cable and try out the DVI connection, make sure the monitor has a DVI connection too, I have seen this happen before on HDMI, using DVI usually works out better.
  6. The Toshiba Regza is a TV that's your problem. Find a real monitor and I'll bet you won't have the same issues.
  7. so you're saying that its my monitor who has the issue not the hardwares?
  8. Try another monitor and see.
  9. There were numerous issues with TVs and blurred text, but what do you mean by texts so small it's unreadable? Could you take a screenshot? If you select 1920x1080 resolution?
  10. Does dvi and vga displays different output?
  11. no but DVI is much higher quallity.

    /agree with trying a different monitor (NOT TV)

    so many people purchase large TV's expecting the quallity to be the same as a monitor

    2 million pixels (1080P) spread out over 55" looks like crap from > 1 meter
    on the same token its hard to read a 22" LCD from 3 meters +

    GET A MONITOR (20-27") if ur going to view it from less than 1-2 meters.
    GET A LARGE TV if ur sitting more than 2 meters away.

  12. I don't know why people see a 50 inch TV and think computer monitor 3 feet away from my face. Must be a disease of some sort....
  13. hey thanks for this! love this site quick response from the heroes!
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