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Best Monitors for Triple Screen Setup

Whats up guys. So I need some opinions here. I'm really stuck on which monitors to get. I have a 680 SLI rig (upgrading to 4gb VRAM when released). Right now I'm running on an HDTV 55 inch but with all this extra horsepower with the 680s I want to upgrade the resolution to triple monitors. I do a lot of FPS games so a 120Hz monitor would be great(but running 90% of these new games @120fps is near to impossible). On the other hand I like the brightness and colour acuracy of the high-end IPS monitors also. I've seen the IPS monitors have about 6-8 ms response time, compared to 1-2 ms on TN monitors. Any noticeable difference in input lag between the two? Anybody seen any new 2012 monitors that are coming with extra thin bezels or none at all. I want the smallest bezel possible. The bezels is what have been keeping me from getting a triple setup in the first place.

I've actually been eyeing these Catleap 27in monitors from Korea with 2560x1440 resolution to triple up for @ $330/each. 3 for $1000 is amazing and would be @ the same price as one Dell Ultrasharp IPS. At that price point they are a steal. Most of the reviews I've seen have been positive. Havent seen too much if there is any input lag or bezel size though. As a very competitive gamer I can't have any noticeable input lag.

On the other hand if I can find 3 1080p monitors with tiny to no bezels I would be willing to go for a good quality 5760x1080 setup. It would be much easier to run than 7680x1440. Thanks everyone.
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  1. Anyone looking these are the tiniest bezel 3monitor setup I've seen, but $1500 for setup, ouch.
    Still deciding if I should go with the Korean 27 2560x1440 for $350 each. 7680x1440 would be monstrous to run, lol.
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    Honestly go for the Catleaps, I've read great reviews about them and the people that sell them are super friendly and understanding when it comes to issues (again from what I've read). And honestly at 1k for 3 screens you are not going to ever get anything better. Furthermore, if you don't end up liking them that much you can easily sell them wherever you are through forums like OCN and stuff because people are trying to get them all the time, and being able to get them faster through you (vs shipping from south korea) is a pretty decent incentive lol.
  3. Ya I got the PC Bank 2560x1440 monitors. The Catleap, Crossover, Achevia, and PC bank are all the same Korean LG monitors just with different casings. The PC Bank just have a smaller bezel from what I've read in reviews. The newer Catleaps cannot be overclocked anymore due to a different pcb board they are using now.
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