how do i fit new screen to toshiba satelite a100
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  1. ray_10 said:
    how do i fit new screen to toshiba satelite a100

    replacing one that failed or is damaged??
    first step is google the service part number for your laptop. there may be more then one lcd screen. you just want the number to be able to check with the number that stamp on your screen. first step is to shut the laptop down and pull the ac power and battery from the unit. most lcd bezzel covers held in by 2-4 screws. there covered over by tape or a rubber washer. having a small flat head for glasses or tweesers will help you pull the rubber plug so you can use it again. you the nremove the screws holding the front bezzel to the back lcd bezzel then it should fall off if not you have to pop it off without snapping it.
    some times you have to open or close the screen to pop them. when the bezzel is off you will see the lcd it be held in by 4 screws. also there be a few sets of wires and ribben cables. look at the end of the cables going into the lcd some have latches and some dont. if you think it has a latch all you need to do is use that small flat head and pop it up..they only move very little.
    once done move the cabbles out of your way and use a pices of scotts tape to hold them out of your dont want to cut or damage the ribben cables. just unscrew the lcd and screw in the replacment. plug the cables back in. before you close the bezle turn the unit on with the ac adptor to see if the new screen work..if it does power down and finsh the job.
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