Amd x6 6200 motherboard

I am buying my parts from msy i am getting amd x6 6200 i would like to know if this motherboard would fit together i am purchasing ASRock 880GMH-LE-USB3 880G USB3
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  1. I would suggest a better quality motherboard with a more modern chipset, 970 or 990 ideally. Pay particular attention to higher quality mobo, especially if you're overclocking the 6200.
  2. Consider this:

    Yes I know it costs over twice as much than the board you were looking at on msy. There is a concept you have to understand and respect when it comes to cars, computers, and well pretty much anything in life... "you get what you pay for". A CPU, video card and RAM are only as good as the motherboard they're sitting on. If your motherboard costs 1/4 of what you're paying for a CPU, something's wrong.
  3. Ditto, once when doing professional overclocking you find out the hard way why things are cheap. If you want to overclock you got no reason not to spend the right amount of cash on a board, power control is everything and that is why boards are more expensive.
  4. Ok thx for the advise i going to get the mohterboard nekulturny suggested
    But i also heard that the stock fan for the fx 6200 is quiet loud is this true?
    But i dont think i want to overclock the procceser
  5. It probably is loud, the ones that came with Phenom IIs are pretty loud, and I doubt the ones that ship with the FX CPUs are any different.
  6. If i replace the stock cooling and heat sink will the nosie be quieter im think of getting
  7. Thats not a horrible one, but for the money I'd look for a CoolerMaster 212+ or 212 Evo (Both perform about the same but the Evo runs just a hair cooler). Both of them on msy say they're discontinued.. I don't believe they are, if necessary, I'd look at another merchant for em. I'd be recommending a CM 212+ or Evo even for a top of the line system with a $3000 budget. They're damn good CPU coolers for overclocking, and they're quiet.
  8. Ditto, Hyper212 Evo or a Zalmans CNPS9900/CNPS 11X
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