Help please! Random computer lockups

I am currently having hard freezes with no BSOD. It seemed like the problem arose right after I had updated my mobo bios. I had never had freezing before updating it so I figured that had to be the problem. I eventually RMA'd my board and got the new one, updated to most recent bios, and still have the freezing. I then checked my RAM, no errors. Even tried my brothers RAM for good measure and still get the freezing. I have also tried out my brothers PSU and still had the lock ups. I have two graphics cards and get the freezing when both are in, and when one is in (tried both solo). The lockups will happen randomly, though never when idle. I can however trigger them in (not instantly) by downloading a game and then browsing the web. They also seem to occur more often while streaming something. This led me to believe it had to be my HD. So I went to the store and purchased a new one. Nope, didn't fix the problem. I have done a clean install twice, once not installing any drivers and once installing all the most recent drivers. CPU-Z shows my temps at low range. It freezes with case in tact and with both side panels off. If there is sound, it will loop a few milliseconds of sound. In the bios I have turned off the auto overclock and also played with vcore, yet still froze. A couple of times the computer unfroze when alt-tabbing out of a game or youtube video. I have also unfroze it a few times from simply hitting the power button once and it came out of the freeze and shut down. The vast majority of the time I have to hold the power button down and do a hard reset. I am lost friends... please help me out! :(

Asus p8z68-v pro
2x4gb corsair vengeance 1600
1tb HD @ 7200
850W corsair psu
2x radeon hd 6870's
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  1. holy...that's a weird problem dude. You've tried nearly everything it sounds like...maybe it's a problem specific to that board? The only other thing i can think the CPU....I'd be surprised if that was it, but wow I don't know. Maybe it's a case issue, like maybe the power button cable is shorting or something.
  2. ya words can't describe the frustration this has put me through... i think I'm going to go through every component once more and finish with mobo if it's still freezing. is it possible to downgrade asus bios? I was completely stable at 1101 bios so maybe its worth a shot trying to go back to that.. idk im just out of idea's at this point
  3. yes you can downgrade your bios. if you were stable with it, it's sure worth a shot. you've tried everything else. if you try it, let me know if it works.
  4. Well it looks like there is no safe way to downgrade bios on asus boards... my safest bet is to buy a new bios chip with the bios that was stable for me. Does anyone have any suggestions before I do this? Don't want to spend $20 and have it freeze again
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