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HD4850, HD4830, HD5670, 9800GT or GTS250

Hello guys,

this is my first post so be gentle:) hehehe

Im purchasing a batch of desktop computers to replace my current ones for a gaming cafe and i just couldnt decide on these cards. i was settling with the HD5670 gddr5 from powercolor but i had my hands on the pricelist from a supplier of videocards from Afox and they had a great selection and further confused me on what to get...

So i decided to get the following

Intel g630 processor (originally wanted the AMD 3500 but research show the g630 is better and cheaper)
Asus p8h61-m Motherboard
Kingston 4gig Hyberx
Seagate 500gig Hardrive
Samsung Led Monitor

Please help me decide which videocard i should get... price is not an issue here since i chose these cards based on price. my current cards are the 9500gt and gt220's... i know... hehehe

here are the cards...

HD 4850 DDR3 (512mb, 625 core, 1800clk, 256bit)

HD 4830 DDR3 (512mb, 625 core, 1400clk, 256bit)

HD 5670 GDDR5 (512mb or 1gig (?), 775 core, 3600-4000clk, 128bit)

9800gt (1gig, 600 core, 1400clk, 256bit)

GTS 250 (512mb, 675 core, 1400clk, 128bit)

* these are the specs i got from the pricelist... i dont know if we have the same for all countries:)

Please feel free to comment on any part of this post, may it be the cpu or motherboard, so id know where i can adjust my specs for the best setup. Use for these are mostly for offline and online gaming... customers dont demand for excellent graphics but its nice to know that their games look great while they play...

Oh and one more thing... what do u guys think about Afox? kinda hesitant for this brand since im used to brands that are common here... Inno3d for geforce cards and powercolor for radeon cards... if its not an issue then great! ill take ur word for it:)

Thanks guys!!!

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  1. The 4850 should be the fastest among the cards you gave me.
  2. ow, should i be concerned that the 4850 is an older model? as opposed to the newer ones which could support newer games?
  3. The HD4850 is the fastest, BUT getting it will mean new power supplies, as I doubt a cheap build will have a PSU capable of running a HD4850.

    Hence my suggestion would be the HD5670.
  4. the PSU would be 600 watts... would that be enough?
  5. skwiza said:
    the PSU would be 600 watts... would that be enough?

    Whats the brand and model? And does it have atleast one PCI-E 6 pin connector? (a good 600W should have atleast two).
  6. the brand is coolpower... i dont think its a known brand. it comes with the atx casing already:( i guess i could get a converter and hookit up with the standard power connectors
  7. Welcome to the forums!

    Of all the cards you list, I would recommend either the 4850 or GTS 250, which ever costs less.
    Performance and features between the two should be similar and both are DX 10 cards.
    Any decent 600w PSU will have no issues running either of these cards with your target platform.

    Just as one further though, of the cards you list only the 5670 is DX 11 capable, but it is quite a bit slower than a 4850 or GTS 250.
    Probably this will not be an issue though as any of these cards will probably force you to use a DX 9/10 codepath for the games in your cafe (most DX 11 features in current games require quite a bit more processing power behind them).
  8. thanks for all ur replies:) so if not for the 4850 and gts 250... the next best thing is the 5670?

    Outlw6669 when u say its quite a bit slower, is their a notceable differnce when playing on an 18.5 lcd? or is it noticeable when it comes to the textures and stuff?
  9. Best answer
    With an 18.5" LCD I am assuming that you will be running at 1280x1024?
    If so, the 4850 will be approx. 37% faster and the GTS 250 will be approx. 40% faster on average than a 5670.
    Your best 3rd and 4th choices would respectively be the 4830 and 9800GT which are 15-19% faster on average.

  10. Best answer selected by skwiza.
  11. thanks... i asked the supplierfor the suggested cards but they said they couldnt produce he quantity... i need 35pcs:( are there any other newer videocards in the same price range of the HD 5670 thats better? or is the 5670 the best in its class?
  12. Another option would be:-
    The 7750 consumes very low power and should have enough firepower for the resolution.
  13. i forgot about the 6670... hahaha im gonna ask the vendor tomorrow... Thanks meyn
  14. Yes, both the 6670 and 7750 are good alternitaves.
    If it is in your budget, the 7750 will outperform a 4850 or GTS 250 by a decent amount, while the 6670 outperforms the 5670 by around 16%.

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