Phenom ii x4 850 denab

how does this phenom ii x4 850 denab stack against the black editions 965 etc?
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  1. It's between a 955BE and a 965BE at stock. Though the 9xxBE's obviously can be easily overclocked alot higher as they have unlocked multipliers putting them in the lead if your an overclocker.
  2. It's essentially a lower clocked X4 965 with a locked multiplier and lacks L3 cache.


    I was looking at the wrong section on the frequency chart :sarcastic: My apologies, wr6133 is correct.
  3. i have an l3 cache believe it or not im shocked too
  4. i found out that i have the denab version which is rare i heard, it has a total of 8mb cache
  5. Its a locked Deneb by defualt there is no L3 but it can be "unlocked" so you get the L3 your motherboard has likely done it automatically via some kind of ACC/unleash/Auto OC etc.
  6. i have the n68-vs3 fx motherboard and didnt touch any of the oc tweaker, i was shocked to find it had the l3 cache which is a huge bonus, someone was arguing sayn it didnt have it lol
  7. i knew when i bought it it didnt have l3 cache then discovered it did. technically it doesnt but technically it does lol
  8. this is a denab, is there another platform of the same cpu?
  9. It gets confused with the Phenom II x4 840 which used the Propus core so had no L3 at all.... the 840 is really an Athlon II given the Phenom II name.

    The 850 is unrelated its a Deneb core so has L3 just the L3 is "locked" by default, somehow yours has unlocked.
  10. somehow? i dunno how it unlocked it or how to tell or is it just pot luck with pairing the coreect motherboard with the chip, thumbs up wr6133 5star you know your stuff
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