No pcie 6pin for radeon hd 6790

in my pc the only pcie 6pin power lead comeing from the psu is plugged into my motherboard.
and this graphics card want 2, wtf!?

how can i get this working?
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  1. What is your power supply? Is it powerful enough for HD 6790?
  2. you need a new PSU. that is all
  3. There shouldn't be a six pin going to the motherboard. They use either a 4 or 8 pin. As mentioned its time for a new PSU.
  4. One of the reasons your system is not working is because you plugged a 6 pin connector into your motherboard.

    CPU and PCI connectors are wired differently. Plugging either into the wrong place will result in shorting 12 volts directly to ground.

    If you are lucky, the PSU will detect this and nondestructively shut the power supply down. If you are unlucky, you just fried something expensive.
  5. its a hp comp, i didnt make it, so its how they gave it to me. also i bought the graphics card at the same time from the same person. once i told him that there was no spare 6 pin he told me to buy some converter, but this was 2 months ago, (yeah i forget to do things :/)...

    Also its new and cost a hell of alot so psu should be fine no?

    Hp compaq 8200 elite, intel i7, 12gb ram, 64bit
  6. A 6790 needs at least a 500w psu, and two 6 pin pcie power leads.

    Most of the time, HP will include a psu that only meets the requirements for what was originally installed.
    If your psu does not have two 6 pin pci-e power leads, it is likely to not be strong enough.

    Every psu must have a data plate which will state the wattage, and, more importantly, the amps available on the +12v rails.
    You may have to remove the psu to see the plate, and what you have.

    If the psu has 34a available, you can use adapters to convert two molex 4 pin leads into a 6 pin pcie lead.

    Otherwise, just buy a good 500w psu like this Corsair CX500w:
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