Phenon 960T upgrade to I3 2120 does it worthy ?

Hi, this is the conf of my actual PC

Phenon II X4 960T + Asus M5A78L-M LX
4 Gb RAM
Radeon 5770

I basicaly play games and i dont make OC

Does it Worthy I upgrade it to a

I3 2120 + Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2

and keep the others devices
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  1. No it's not worth it.
    The Cpu you currently have is a quad core.
    I3 2120 is a dual core.
    I would suggest sticking with the Phenom especially with the overclocking ability it has.
  2. no. your cpu is fine for gaming! buy a new GPU to increase performance in gaming and add 4gb of ram!
  3. Ok..Thank you guys
  4. Nope :)

    Just get a better GPU.

    I like the Phenom II X4s more than my i3 :P
  5. i3's are faster for single threaded apps and about the same for multi-threaded apps vs your quad core AMD, but I agree that it is not worth the upgrade.
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