Laptop with no display - Is it possible to install Win 7?

Title says it all really. I got a laptop with a busted display, would not boot into windows so I formatted the drive and now I need to install a fresh copy. I would buy a new display but I have no idea if this laptop works properly and I don't want to invest $60 on a new lcd to have even more headaches.

Obviously if I can get a copy of Windows on there I can use the external display from there, which is why I have obtained this laptop, figured it would be a good spare PC on a TV setup.

Is there any type of live booting CD I can use that can use the external display and then from there install Windows 7? I tried using Puppy Linux and it definitely loads, but the external display will not enable (on this pc its Fn + F4). I am very familiar with using the external display on a laptop.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Normally when you plug in a monitor then power on the laptops just use the monitor. Of course every make and model is different.

    With the monitor plugged in power on and see if you can get to the bios. It might be del or f1 or f10 check the pc manual. Just pound on the button until you get in.

    If the bios does not come up on the monitor my guess is something is wrong with the video card as well as the screen, or you have an issue with your monitor or wire.

    If you can get into the bios you might have an option to dissable the laptop screen and use only the external monitor.
  2. i dont think the bios can be displayed on external, I can test that theory on my other laptops. i'm pretty sure it needs software to be able to display externally, and the bios would not have that software built in.
  3. yes you can display the bios on an external display

    heres one on ebay doing exactly that
  4. Nice thanks for the info ill do more testing when i get home
  5. vashts2008 said:
    Nice thanks for the info ill do more testing when i get home

    no problem

    you may have to toggle fn + f4 a few times in case its set to internal display only at the moment
  6. vashts2008 said:
    i dont think the bios can be displayed on external, I can test that theory on my other laptops. i'm pretty sure it needs software to be able to display externally, and the bios would not have that software built in.

    All laptops can be made to use an external display at the BIOS level. If the monitor is turned on and plugged in before the laptop is powered on, some will default to it. Others can be toggled with a keyboard hotkey that varies from laptop to laptop (usually it's Fn + one of the Function keys, typically F4 or F10)
  7. well i tested this on my other laptops and it is not true for my compaq laptops. i have a f762nr and a compaq mini as well as a cq60, which is my wifes, and all will not display on the external display when in the bios.

    maybe other brands of pcs can do this, but i can confirm my 4 compaq pcs (including this broken one) will not display externally in the bios.

    i have tried a bartpe disc, but that will not display on the external as well.

    this sucks big time, i cannot think of anything else that i can do.
  8. I have like 10 laptops here in my shop and they all will output to the external vga port (15 pin d-sub) with out any software or options enabled. Just plug them in and turn them on. Unfortanitly i dont have anything newer say with HDMI to test on.

    I think the issue is with your wire, or monitor. How exactly are you plugging the monitor into the laptop?
  9. so 4 out of 4 don't work and you think its the wire or the hardware? they work fine once windows is loaded. i can have multiple displays or clones, the vga cable and the tv its plugged into work fine.

    i also contact compaq they also stated these laptops cannot use an external display from the bios.
  10. Just trying to be helpful, all machines are different so who knows…. Generally when you plug a monitor in and power on the computer it displays the post messages on both screens in clone, and allows access to the bios in clone. I have never seen a laptop that does not do this. I just figured that the fact that you happen to have 4 of them was unusual, so I went to the next part of the puzzle, the VGA, cable , or the monitor. But if your sure the wire and monitor are working correctly and you have support from the manufacturer, then I guess you got your answer.

    Maybe you can put the hard drive in one of the other machines, with similar specs, install windows, then move it back to the one with the broken screen.

    Any way good luck.
  11. thats what i was thinking. didn't mean to be offensive on last post, i appreciate any advice given here.

    im trying to install windows 7 in the blind, but i cannot seem to get past the setup is loading screen. it acts normally, but after that there is no response.

    i hit alt+n at the first screen for Next, then alt+I for install, the disc spins up after i wait about a minute, i hit space bar to select I agree to user agreement, then alt+n for next, alt+c for custom install, alt+n for next and it should in theory start installing windows. there must be a hang up somewhere. ive tried waiting much longer than needed as well so i don't think im rushing anything.

    this would just be so simple if windows install could use an external display :(

    anyone know if there are any linux live cds that support external displays?
  12. if anyone can either refer me to or send me a proper autounattend.xml i think this would solve my problem. unfortunately and maddeningly vlite is a POS program and makes an .xml file with improper info and i get "no image found" error when the installer begins.

    this is really annoying, if someone can please help me stop pulling my hair out id appreciate it!

    obviously the win 7 key can be removed from the .xml i don't want your key or anyone elses i have my own.
  13. Just wanted to post, and say thanks to the person who posted that eBay link about external monitors CAN display bios.

    Thank You very much, a few weeks ago I read a thread that said I couldn't access bios with an external monitor, and just assumed it was right. But today I find out it was wrong, and it is all thanks to you sir. THANK YOU!

    For the record if anyone in the future also finds this thread helpful. I accessed bios using an external monitor connected to a HP Pav. DV7-1279WM Laptop via VGA port.

    As the computer was starting up, I hit the function key to launch the bios. Then I pressed Fn + F4 and Fn + F10 until the external monitor turned on with my laptop's display of bios.
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