Can i run battlefield 3 on sapphire radeon 5450 1gb

hello.......... :)

i want to know that can i run battlefield 3 smoothly at low or medium settings in my computer.............

my computer specs are:

intel core i3 540@ 3.07 Ghz
6gb ddr3 RAM sapphire radeon hd 1gb 5450 ddr3
windows 7 service pack 1---ultimate(64 bit)

i will run it at 1360x768 resolution
plse............ :(

anyone help. :)

and thank you..............( i meet minimum requirements for battlefield 3)
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  1. Yes you can run the game at low or medium settings.You might also do some high...
  2. Minus the irritating and unnecessary periods, you sure can run that at low settings, provided the resolution is 1680x1050 or less.
  3. I think you can, but by setting the resolution down to like 1280x720 and put settings to low.
  4. It'll run... not very well. The 1gb will allow higher texture settings so that is nice, but the GPU just isn't very powerful so it'll probably run low alright, but medium will be slow. Although it does depend on monitor resolution - that is extremely important. If you have a 1024x768 monitor for example then low will run well and probably medium. But if you have say a 1680x1050 then low will probably be mediocre.
  5. thank you for cooperating but i want to know that anyone has really tried battlefield 3 on this graphicscard? i tried batman arkham city it was good at these settings:

    1360x768 resolution

    quality high(2xanti aliasing)

    all high and directx 11 features off and no vsync

    so, friends what do u say about battlefield 3? (i meet my minimum requirements).
  6. should work. not well tho as you are below the minimal requirements.
  7. As I told you before, at least low settings, or medium settings if possible.
  8. refillable said:
    As I told you before, at least low settings, or medium settings if possible.

    have u played battlefield 3 on this fraphics card???

    if yes reply me......
  9. No.. you try or no?
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