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i Almost decided to buy the tritton pro plus 5.1 surround sound the new one if you have other opinions to buy best than this tell me but it must be 5.1 surround sound or tell me your opinion about that i choose and i will be using it for movies and games and music . i want the best soundcard for it i am thinking to go to asus .should i go for the asus Xonar Essence STX or should i get a lower one like asus xonar d2x or should i get a gaming sound card like this asus ROG Xonar Phoebus .i am confused i want the best and also not wasting money and if i bought asus xonar essence stx how i will plug the headset into it the 5.1surround sound 3.5mm jacks . if you have other opinions plz tell me about the headset or the sound card .thanks
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  1. Headset wise, I'd recommend something else. Surround headsets all have two things in common: Weak drivers, and poor audio isolation. Weak drivers cause the audio to be poor, and the poor isolation means teh audio "jumps" as it moves from driver to driver within the earcup. Hence why many prefer virtualized surround on a stereo headset, which most soundcards have as a built-in feature now.

    Hard to give a recommendation without a price. Soundcard wise, this is ASUS's product line:

    Headset wise is harder. Really depends on the type of audio you listen to...
  2. ok let me be more specific i listen to music alot 320k of course . and i watch
    blu ray movies and series alot the audio in it is Dts not dts hd . i play alot of games almost all games so it is really important . i have 200$ may be 250$ for the headset
    so i want a great one for all games the most important thing then movies then music .
    the sound card i have for it 250$ max so i want a good one for music and gaming and movies i think and thanks for answering me
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