Which gigabit switch

Hi ,

We are building a new house, I have got the sparky to run cat6 cable from our walk in robe to all the rooms (hub)

I would like sine suggestion before I buy a switch

I would like to buy a gigabit switch with atleast 24 ports

This is for home, I will be having

1) 7 ip cameras via cat 6 ,
2) 12 cat6 cables running to different rooms for Internet

Could anyone pls tell me which is the best gigabit switch with 24 port

I can see people suggesting Hp procurve, cisco etc
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  1. Cisco is way too expensive for home unless you got money to burn.

    HP switches are like the high end. Can't go wrong and definitely good. dlink/linksys/netgear are your typical home switches, but I could aim for an unmanaged HP switch.
  2. You can get the Netgear's 24-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch JGS524 or GS724T. The JGS524 is the plug-N-play switch for instant connectivity. The GS724T is the Intelligent switch with simple configurations through web-based management interface. Since you have IP cameras in your network, you might want to use the GS724T to segment your network traffic, separate the video traffic from the comment data traffic, and each segment can have their own security measures and traffic priorities.
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