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Wireless Packet Loss

Hi, I have one wireless connection and one wired connection set up in my house. When I go on using my belkin g router, it says that I have 2% packet loss. Although on the wired connection, it says I have 0%, none. The router is only about 2 rooms away from the computer. Btw, I've done wireless before, this is my first time encountering this. Also, I just recently finished building a desktop, and I moved my modem to it and set the built computer as a wired connection and the old computer as wireless. So maybe this is creating the problem? Any ideas?
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    Sometimes wireless has packet loss. You can try checking for interference, you can try updating your firmware and drivers, but you may not get rid of it.

    What kind of walls do you have? Is there any metal between your router and wireless?

    Or you could try different equipment, some is better than others.

    Also, forgot to say, you should be sure the loss is actually on your wireless side of things, check the router, see if its firmware reports that data.
  3. My router's firmware is up-to-date. I'm using a Belkin N F5D8236-4 v1000. I've used this router before for a wireless setup, but I've never encountered packet loss issues before. So I'm guessing it is a problem with interference; I'll switch up some things and see if it works.
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