Is my gpu dead?

Hello guys. Today i started Crysis 2, and while the game was loading, the computer froze and gave me BSOD, with code 116. While rebooting, there were green/horizontal lines all over the screen, and while loading Windows, it again BSOD'd and it froze during POST the 2nd time.
I somehow managed to get in Safe mode, and i don't have any problems in Safe mode. I removed the drivers and tried to enter Windows normally - bingo.
BUT - when i installed previous version drivers, and rebooted - again, the same symptoms. Freeze, BSOD with code 116, POST screen filled with green or horizontal lines.
I'm mostly sure that my GPU is "half dead" or something, but i want to hear from you guys, is my GPU really dying, or it's a driver related issue?
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  1. I'd say your GPU is dying. Bugcheck code 0x116 is VIDEO_TDR_ERROR which is caused by a failed GPU reset after a GPU hang. If your driver worked fine before and doesn't anymore, it's definitely not a driver issue. The horizontal lines definitely point to a GPU hardware issue.
  2. does the card actually work with the older driver? have you put it through the paces while using that older driver? if it works fine with that driver... i would have to blame the newer driver.

    i cringed at the green line though. the bootup sequence is driverless
  3. Thanks for the answers guys, unfortunately the GPU really isn't working as it should, the artifacts have confirmed it... :(
    @neon with any driver installed i wasn't able to get into windows normally, i had to go in safe mode. But when i tried to format and reinstall windows, to ensure that the problem wasn't related to any software issue, the gpu started giving artifacts.
  4. yeah, thats sounding pretty damaged
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