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We are trying to connect to the office from a Windows 7 laptops using Cisco VPN over an O2 3G dongle. We have no problem connecting when the laptop is connected over a LAN connection or over wireless broadband. When we try to connect using the O2 3g dongle we get a prompt from the server, we can login and get connected. However we are unable to browse or connect to any servers on the network. We are getting the error: Unable to Add Route in the Cisco error log. If you try to connect to a server using putty it comes back with an error "no route to host". Any ideas on this would be much appreciated.
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  1. This issue now appears to be fixed. I did some more Googling on the issue and came across this article - This recommends uninstalling the VPN client - Reboot - Download and install DNEupdate ( - reboot - reinstall VPN - reboot. I checked the VPN client log and the Unable to Add Route message still appear but the log also mentions Successfully saved route changes to file. I'm not sure if the Unable to Add Route error is a big issue from some other posts I've looked at anyway after doing this the connection now appears to be working although it's a bit tricky to test as the 3G coverage isn't great at my current location.
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