7850 gigabyte really loud, what should I do?

I recently purchased the gigabyte 7850 OC and it too loud.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, or figured out how to reduce the noise. It used to rattle, but I wiggled the fans until they stopped rattling.

The fan casing seems very cheap, and even though the fans are larger, they make way too much noise.

I am torn between returning the card (15% restock fee and return shipping), finding a way to dampend the sound (they are only at 40% speed), or getting a new fan for the card.

If I do return it, what 7850 should I get, I want the quietest one. I could cut some of the cost if I get it through amazon (free shipping, and I think still no taxes for now).

I have a Q9650 3Ghz proc on an x38 chipset with 4 GB DDR2, corsair 620 watt HX PSU.

Shoudl I return the gigabyte and get a quieter card? If so, what is a solid, but quiet 7850?
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  1. don't touch the cooler.i would suggest RMA it.MSi twinfrozer is my favorite custom cooler.
  2. hellfire24 said:
    don't touch the cooler.i would suggest RMA it.MSi twinfrozer is my favorite custom cooler.

  3. Also, if you had crap fans on the card there is no re-stocking fee because they will not re-stock it. They're not going to turn around and sell a bad card. Newegg will also pay return shipping if it's a bad card and you live in the US/Canada.
  4. I live in calif.

    I contacted Newegg earlier they said I can only replace the card in an RMA (I pay return shipping), they send the same model back. I would have loved exchanging it with the twin frozr III one, but they would charge me 15% restock fee for it, pluss I still pay the return shipping, thus I feel like if I return the card, I will not buy another one from them. I have amazon prime, so free shipping,a nd often tax free, but most 7850's are OOS through amazon. I coul dperhaps get a 7950, but then that is more cost, and I would have alread burnt $40 returning the 7850.

    I wiggled the fan (per what other reviews and people said) and the rattling seems to have stopped, but there is still the hi-pitched wwwrrrr of the fan blades even at 20% speed.
  5. I feel as though this was false advertising from Gigabyte, claiming the fans would be quieter than the manutacturer fans, they are not.
  6. Sue?
  7. Return it and grab another one. It may be a faulty card.
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