How cheap can I go and get 1080p playback with Subtitles?

OK, I've had as one of my systems an ION-2 setup with a dual-core Atom that plays most things I throw at it... until I add videos with subtitles. I've followed all the guides on how to tweak it that I can find (including which versions of MPC-HC and video splitters and such), and while I can get fairly decent 720p with subtitles, 1080p as often as not comes out as more of a slide show than a video.

When I've built systems before I've tried to put aside around $1K or so to make sure I can build an overall machine that does most things well (all my other machines have a Core i7 of one sort or another). However this machine will live in my family room, and really is going to be 90% video playback of either downloaded files or streaming, with the occasional web browsing.

What is a realistic budget for such a machine? I presume I could get by with as little as a Core i3 as long as I get a decent graphics card? How decent of an nVidia do I need though?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. Playing 1080p + animated subs not that taxing gpu, (except maybe 3d one, never tried).

    the new 10-bit codec is more taxing the processor more than the GPU, it's what i assume that are your problem ..

    About the build recommendation , i'll wait the other to fill....... (btw better u fill the Tom's build form first)

    A good monitor is requied for watching movie :D
  2. AFAIK subtitles are cpu based as is most video decoding(playback). You can always check cpu usage in task manager.
  3. Check your PMs Ewan.
  4. vrumor - The system is claiming I don't have any PM's... ?

    k1114 - Generally the newer video filters such as MadVR and LAV do allow for GPU or Hardware acceleration. The only time you tend to see CPU performance hit is if you are using 10-bit files.

    rdc85 - the problem with the form is that it presumes you know what you want already and are just looking for comments on specifics or suggestions for alternatives. At this point I'm not sure what I need, so am being a bit more open ended. I can certainly try putting together the cheapest thing I "think" will work, but was hoping the folks here might be able to help me narrow down what trade-offs I can or can't make first.

    Thanks to everyone for the info/suggestions so far!
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    i have a media center in my living room that does 1080p with subtitles all day long,

    i has a core 2 duo, you will be fine with any modern dual core really, i3 should be more than enough

    as for video card, i regular watch movies with subtitles on my laptop at 1080p and subtitles. it uses an intel hd 3000. so really any video card will do it.

    so really a 300 ish dollar computer built around an i3 will do the trick.
  7. You can actually go down to the pentium g or an apu. I know the new decoders have gpu acceleration, but the question is if it is being used.
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