1x molex -> 1x pcie6pin

Got a quick question.

Spotted a molex-pcie adapter. Only has one molex connector, whereas I've seen cables with two.
Is it recommended to have two molex connectors changed to one pcie? Or does it not really matter?

Item in question is : http://www.scan.co.uk/products/xclio-pci-express-4-pin-molex-to-6-pin-pci-e-power-cable-adaptor

Specs :

CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE @ 3.4GHz

GPU - HD 6670 DDR3

PSU - Coolermaster GX 450W Bronze

Main reason for asking is that I've spotted a few 6870s for sale under £100, and am tempted to nab one but they all require 2X6pin pcie power connectors.
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  1. The best way I can think of to put this is like an electrical outlet multiplier. You might take 1-2 outlets and turn it into 6, but ultimately you're still pulling all that power through the same 1-2 outlets and that makes it a fire hazard if you overload things.

    For higher power draw things like video cards, I'd stick to 1:1 adapters. If it were something a bit lower on power, like say a HDD, then you might be able to get away with a 1:2 without pushing your luck.
  2. 6 pin PCIe connectors provide 75W (6.25A) capacity per connection, 8 pin provide 150W (12.5A). Any Molex connector from a modern quality PSU should easily handle a Molex to six pin PCIe adapter.
  3. Wicked cool, thanks guys.
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