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Hello there folks, I've got quite a problem with my graphics card. Like a week ago I installed radeon hd 5700 12.3 drivers for windows 7, few days after I experienced bad fps in Battlefield 3/ Dota2 , so I went back to 12.2. Few days after, out of sudden, my screen went like this: , both in games,desktop, simply everywhere .I tried using drivercleaner, using system restore yet nothing helped -unless i went safe boot mode, uninstalled the gfx card Hd 5700 via Windows Device Manager. Then it would flawlessly untill I installed the drivers back again (tried different versions of these drivers). What's the matter, guys? :) Any idea what could help me out?
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  1. -Couldn't edit original post- My screen is actaully in 50% covered in these black squares if somebody didn't get the screenshot.
  2. Need PC specs.
    etc etc.

    Most likely, your PSU is not good enough. But that's just a guess given the lack of info you provided.
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