Core I7 2600k Offset voltage issue

I have had my 2600k for over a year now and decided a few months ago i should probably oc it. I have had a solid Oc at 4.6 with a vcore of 1.32 with a manual set voltage. I can get 4.7 with a manual set voltage of 1.38 vcore. I have been running it at 4.6 for last month or so with no issues at all. went through 24h prime blend and no errors or crashes. i decided this last weekend to try to start using offset voltages so i am not always running at 1.32v . When i set my offset voltage the only way i was able to get it to boot and run 12 hours of prime without crashing is from using a offset of .030 + When i do this i am running a idle voltage of .992 and load of 1.39 which is WAY higher then my voltage required using manual voltages. Now whenever i am idleing for long periods of time and jump on and try to open something say in my browser which isnt using much power either i get a bsod. I am having a hard time understanding why i am getting bsod's when my voltage is more then enough and all other settings have stayed the same ?? I am getting a bsod code of 124 which from my understanding usualy means note enough voltage. If i put my offset any higher i will be running over 1.4 for a 4.6ghz oc which seems ridiculously high when ive had it stable using 1.32 ?? Any one have any ideas of what is going on ?
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  1. I am sorry i have just realized i should have put this in the overclocking side of the forum can i get a moderator to move it please ?
  2. I have OCd my 2600k using offsets and use +0.01 for 4.3 GHz. However, this only maxes out at 1.29. So for +0.03 you should be at 1.32V. Are you using CPU-z to measure Vcore? If not, that will be inaccurate. Also, 4.7 is quite a high OC and will require a large voltage to begin so the voltage difference between 4.6 and 4.7 would be quite high.
  3. It is not the voltage difference between 4.7 and 4.6 i am concerned about. i do realize that it is going to be a significant jump as once i go past 4.6 is when voltage differences between small amount of mhz increase starts to happen. What i am concerned with is why i am able to get a stable system off running a manual voltage at 1.32 for 4.6 but when i am using a offset voltage i am running it at 1.39 ( offset with +.03 ) and still am having bsod only when idle not when loads are present. I know heat does play a factor at higher clockspeeds but i am under water so heat in my case is not a issue either. ( 52c full load 12hours prime 4.6ghz )
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