What card should I get for this system?

Recently my 8800GT went out on me, still works but will only run on low resolution settings and there's green lines everywhere. So now I'm looking to upgrade.

Here's my system:
Q6600 OC'd to 2700
Corsair HX520W PSU
8GB DDR2 800mhz
got a few HDD's

Just curious if my PSU will be ok with a new card. I've been looking at the GTX460 and the GTX560 (non-Ti version), I think I read that a 560Ti would be overkill with my CPU. Also I noticed there's a GTX560 SE 192bit version now, and there's not much info out there about them yet.

I'm not an intense gamer, lately have only been playing Tribes: Ascend. I guess I'm trying to keep my budget around $100-150
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  1. Seems like you like nvidia there, I would recommend this GTX 560
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