I73930k on default clocks high temperature

Hi, my i73930k idles on 39-43 and full load on 63-68 @ 3.2 ghz. My cooler is a H80 with 2 fans push pull with its default thermal paste and my chassis is cosmos s which has proper airflow: 1 fan back exhaust, side fan intake, 1 fan front intake and on top the H80 push pull intake.
Am i missing something here? These temps are normal or high? ty alot
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  1. The temps are a little high but 68 full load will not cause any issues, so you are completely safe.

    How much thermal paste did you use? If you use to much, performance is actually decreased. Also, are the H80 fans hooked up to a fan controller. If so, you might want to make the rpm curve steeper. Finally, if you are in a hot room, you wil experience higher temperatures.
  2. Well I ve used no paste, H80 supposingly has from stock some paste on it. Maybe thats the issue? My room aint hot is around 23-24 celcius. Im worrying though cause i ll be using the cpu 24/7, 100% in renderings. Are you suggesting that i should put the fans on a controller? Cause from low to mid profile in H80 the noise is so annoying.
    Thanx a lot
  3. 63-68C is nothing for a processor. Come on man. Your processor won't even start to de-clock itself (or shut off) until it hits 90C. You're ways to go before that mark.
  4. Yes this is true, but when others have idle and full load 10 degrees down with 25% o/c, it worries me and for sure is not normal. I wanna figure out whats going on here. Plus higher temperatures reduce the lifespan of my cpu which costed a loads of money.
  5. ^Again those temps won't reduce the lifespan of your CPU, guaranteed. Now, if you're really concerned about the temps, I suggest you put some aftermarket thermal paste on. Wipe the stock paste off with rubbing alcohol or something, then repaste it. It certainly makes a difference.
  6. Yes that what I was thinking, although i read that the H series from corsair come with a very high quality paste. Arctic silver 5 would be ok though?
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