No Power when 6 Pin power plugged in to Video Card

So I just bought a GTX 560 and a Corsair TX 650 to power it, but the PC wont start when I plug in the two 6pin power cables into the 560. Fans don't start, no beeps, no nothing.

I think the MOBO is fine, I took the 560 out and used the onboard graphics and it all starts normally.

The 560 is also good I think, I tried it with my old 430 watt PSU and it started normally.

I don't know what else to do. Help?
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  1. Try using molex to 6 pin, maybe the 6 pin cable from the PSU is defective.
  2. Are you running you're plugging the right 6 pin? If you're connecting the CPU power to the graphics card, power supply detects that and doesn't turn on so your graphics card isn't toasted. Make sure you connect 24-pin motherboard power connector and 8 pin cpu power connector.
  3. I'm happy to announce that I am an idiot. I plugged the 6 pin upside down. It went in so easy upside down, but I had to force it in to go right side up. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  4. Glad it worked for you!
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