Awful 3D Mark Score with GTX 560 Ti

3DMark 11 Score:

Graphic Score= 1517
Physics Score = 6528
Combined Score = 2055

GT1 8.13
GT2 7.91
GT3 7.56
GT4 4.46
PT 20.73
CT 9.56

My CPU: i5 2500k
My Grapic Card: MSI Twin Frozer III GTX 560 Ti

Run on "Extreme Preset 1920x1080"
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  1. That's about normal.. run it on performance preset. It's not awful, that's what you get for running extreme preset.
  2. Ya, try it on Performance, more people are familiar with those scores, and extreme is extreme.
  3. Performance Scores:


    Graphic = 4765
    Physics = 6469
    Combined = 4946

    GT 123.53
    GT2 22.34
    GT3 28.74
    GT4 14.09
    PT 20.54
    CT 23.01
  4. You can compare to other similar systems' results right on the 3D Mark page after your result shows up. Then you can tell whether your score is good or something wrong.
  5. That's just about what you expect without overclocking. Personally, my record is P5644, but the core clock was 1015 mhz during the benchmark.
  6. thats perfectly normal.
  7. Thanks guys, when i saw those low FPS's with this powerful card, my face went very sad =( Now i am know there is not a problem with my card, thank you all!

    But, how can you get higher FPS? Gtx 580? How much difference will it make?
  8. Add another 560ti and SLI it , it will beat the pants off a 580
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