Got 2 680s, now I need everything else for my ULTIMATE build

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    here. you probbly dont need 32 gb of ram even if you multitask. the build is pretty much decked out
  2. Well with that budget and your needs, I would go for a system like

    Ram Quad channal
    a 240 + SSD or 2 and riad them
    3 TB HDD
    850W PSU
    blu ray dvd burner
    A really nice case
    PSU Cooler
    maybe a mobo
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    treestompz said:
    It should be noted that I already purchased 2 Galaxy Super-Overclocked GTX 680 video cards and I have them sitting next to me, now I need everything else :D

    Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP (whenever really)

    Budget Range: well I ready bought the 2 680s, so I can probably spend another $2,000-2500 if need be :)

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, video editing, using multiple programs at once

    Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, graphics card

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg or amazon is fine

    Country: United States

    Parts Preferences: I already got the 680s and definitely an intel CPU :p

    Overclocking: I will OC the CPU

    SLI or Crossfire: Yes, 2 680s but I wouldn't mind a mobo with 3/4 way SLI 

    Monitor Resolution: minimum 1920x1080 max: 2560x1600

    Additional Comments: 

    Like I said I got the 2 680s. I am really torn because I don't know if I want to get the 3930k or new Ivy Bridge 3770k. I want the ULTIMATE machine, so the six core processor is  very attractive. A 3930k won't work on a z77 mobo only x79, right?

    Here's another question: if I get a z77 mobo and the 3770k, and say a "Ivy Bridge-E" six core processor(s) come out like a year from now or something, could I just pop in the new six core processor?

    Anyways, I want to see all the other stuff I should get (everything besides the graphic card)

    I will really appreciate all the help I get and hope to talk to some of y'all and work with you guys! Thanks again!

    How often do you do video editting? Is it daily like professional video editing works or kinda amateur family video edititng once in a while?

    If its the former, 3930k is an option even though I still don't think its worth it due to price and because 3770k is not that far behind. I'm talking about 10-20 secs max, not minutes. If its the latter, 3770k would be more than enough, save the rest of the money to invest in large size SSD maybe 2x 240 GB SSD or 2x 256 GB SSD in Raid 0, and a 2TB or 3 TB minimum in storage HDD. Invest some extra into the surround sounds computer speakers, these components can be expensive and easily eat up your budget. Custom water cooling kit like RASA is also optional as well.

    Lastly, if you go Z77/Ivy route, if Ivy Bridge E is released sometimes at the end of the year, it is very unlikely that it is compatible with current Z77 mainboard because that is what X79 line of mainboard is for. Intel neither confirms nor denies the plan to release Ivy Bridge E yet but due to the lack of AMD competition, there are rumors that Intel would not release Ivy Bridge E any time soon.

    Here are my suggestions for your "ultimate computer" with Ivy Bridge setup:

    Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper Full Tower $149.99 - $20 MIR = $129.99


    Case: Corsair Graphite 600T Mid Tower Case $159.99 - $20 MIR - $20 Promo Code EMCNDNC49 Ends 06/13 = $119.99


    Case: NZXT Phantom White/Red/Black Full Tower case $119.99

    Cases are very personal, choose any other cases that you prefer that is not listed. Just make sure they are designed for cable management and have good airflow. Any of the case listed above have excellent air flow and are designed with cable management in mind.

    Mainboard: ASUS P8Z77 V-PRO $209.99


    Gigabyte Z77 UD5H $199.99

    For mainboard, Asus or Gigabyte are usually first choice for those who have the budget due to high quality. For those who are on low budget, they usually choose a cheaper alternative such as Asrock and MSI, not that the motherboards made by these 2 brands are of lesser quality or anything, it's just that they are newer to the market and thus they need to compete based on price. Also, when choosing motherboard, make sure you choose the one that has at least 12 phases power to ensure overclocking stabilities of the CPU. The Asus P8Z77V-Pro (linked above) has 16 phases power.

    CPU: Intel Core i7 3770k $349.99 Currently oos at,,,,, some are available at Frys in store only so I guess you are gonna have to wait a couple days for this.

    Power Supply: Corsair AX 850W Gold $174.99


    OCZ ZX 850W Gold $169.99 - $30 MIR = $139.99

    Reviews of OCZ ZX PSU:

    For Power supply, the Seasonic X series are among the top tier in terms of quality PSU, the Corsair AX linked above is a rebranded Seasonic X and OCZ ZX is also a very good quality PSU as well but cheaper than the other 2. Of course there are other cheaper PSU like the Corsair TX V2, XFX Core Edition etc that can also deliver the advertised power with minimum ripple and noise, but they are not made of highest quality components hence they are cheaper. So go with your judgement which one you prefer.

    SSD: Crucial M4 256 GB x 2 $203.84 x 2 = $407.68 put these 2 in Raid 0 and you got super speed SSD

    HDD: 2 TB Seagate $109.99

    Memory: Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 16 GB (2x4GB x2) $44.99 x 2 = $90

    CPU Cooler: Corsair H100 Closed Loop Watercooling $102.74


    Full custom watercooling XSPC RASA 750 RX 360 kit $189.99

    or if you prefer simple air cooler:

    Nocture DH14 $82.95

    Needless to say the RASA kit has highest cooling performance but setup can be tricky especially for 1st timer, the radiator needs to be placed externally. Corsair H100 is a full closed loop water cooling kit and requires no maintenance, installation is similar to any air coolers and has higher performance than any air cooler on the market. Nocture DH14 is the cheapest of the 3 and performance is also not as good as the other 2 but should be close to the corsair H100.

    Here is the review of CPU cooling performance that has all 3 of the coolers listed above. Note: Corsair H100 in the review uses only 2 fans push configuration, to maximize performance of the Corsair H100, a push/pull configuration with 2 fans on top and 2 fans on the bottom should be used. Replace stock fans with Cougar fans to eliminate noise for those who are sensitive.

    Optical: 12x Blueray burner Liteon $74.99

    OS: MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit $99

    For OS, if you are a college student or graduated from an accredited university and have a valid .edu email address, you can get MS Windows 7 Professional for $30, go here and follow instructions:

    Computer Speakers: Logitech Z906 5.1 $340

    Total ~ $2000 - $2200
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