PSU Paperclip test alternatives?

Hi, I'm pretty sure my PSU is broken... I got it last week and after days and days of trying to figure out why my computer won't run, I decided to do the paperclip test.

I don't have ANY paperclips in my house, so I tried to use a hairpin, it was very thin, I'm not sure if it was conductive or not, but it was some sort of metal...

I will now try the metal(?) coil from my old notebook, hopefully that will work. If it doesn't I'll post back here... and see if it's the PSU's problem or if I'm just not finding conductive material.

A list of some other common objects that fit into the 24 atx wire holes would be awesome, thanks all. :hello:
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  1. Yeah I just tried it, it doesnt work, my PSU sucks, I don't know how it broke. *** this. I'm refunding.
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