2 short beeps then 8 long beeps


I have a gigabyte hd4670, when i turn on my pc i get 2 short beeps then 8 long beeps and the screen is blank, i tried the following

1. Re-seating the card
2. Cleaning pci-e slot
3. Clearing CMOS
4. updating the bios

nothing helped, so i removed the card and started using the motherboard's built-in graphics chip, after a couple of days i decided to try the hd4670 again and it worked for some days and the problem occured again, i suspected that high temperature is causing this so i bought a good thermal paste and a stronger fan, the card worked for more days than the last time and again the problem occured although the temp was stable at 36c

what is causing this problem and is there a permenant solution to this?

p.s- motherboard is msi g31m and i don't have another pci-e card to test.
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  1. What is your power supply? Can you list the ram , cpu and how many case fans that are in the case. Is the fan on the card pluged into the socket on the card and can you verify that it is working.
  2. ^+1
    As stated we need to see all of your spec's and the brand and how many watts your PSU is. When looking up your MOBO it is an older one. There are a couple of things that could be going south.

    One your GPU could be on its way out. Also your PSU is not giving you enough power anymore and it to might be on its way out. But don't know for sure at this time.
  3. my power supply is hec-350tp-1wx, i have 2 ram sticks both are kingston 2gb + 1gb ddr2 800mhz, cpu is pentium e2180
    regarding the fan, it's working fine and the temp is stable at 36
  4. Try using just the one 2gb ram stick in the first slot closest to the cpu socket and make sure it's seated all the way in. If that one doesn't work then try the other one. You are focusing on the gpu because the screen is black but if it's not posting then it could be a number of other things like the ram and even the cpu. Make sure that the hadr drive connections are seated properly as well on both the drive and motherboard. Keep track of each thing you are checking so your not repeating steps.
  5. ^+1
    Also try running Memtest 86+ just to see if it might be your ram. when you run the test if there is a problem it will let you know. I will link you to it.

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