A8-3850 or hd 5770?

Hey folks,

I have a xfx HD 5770 video card from and old system and I recently purchased an A8-3850 with a F1A75-M board. Should I run the integrated video or off the card? Is there any point in having that card in? Maybe for multiple display purposes I suppose. That's all I can think of.
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  1. Personally, I'd leave it out. The onboard graphics in the A8 are decent. Adding the 5770 is more heat, and more noise. Not to mention more electricity used.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! Sounds good.
  3. just a quick thing to add, make sure you have some fast memory to go with that A8, as the on board GPU uses system memory.
  4. vmem said:
    just a quick thing to add, make sure you have some fast memory to go with that A8, as the on board GPU uses system memory.

    Think DDR3 1600 will work? Two sticks at 4GB.
  5. DDR3 1600 should just barely be enough. usually I recommend 1833 or faster if you're buying new.

    I just wanted to throw the info there in case you had 1333 ram you were planning on reusing
  6. Thanks for the input :)
  7. the 5770 is much more powerful than the onboard gpu, if you want the extra performance then you should use it.
  8. 5770 is going to be loads better for gaming but if you are not doing any of that then use the onboard graphics.
  9. K so for performance purposes, I should keep the card. If I'm not concerned with heat, noise or power then it is a better option? This buy was on a whim cause the price was too good to pass and my old board had memory problems.
  10. yes. The card should be twice as fast as the integrate graphics.
  11. Cool thanks. Is it at all possible to get the APU and GPU to work together such as cross fire or something of this nature? Or do I need a 6000 card?
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    If you are going to play games then you want to use the Radeon HD 5770. As a comparison, the integrated Radeon HD 6550D is a little slower than the Radeon HD 5570.

    The following chart is from a Radeon HD 5550 review. The Radeon HD 5550 is the baseline graphic card use to compare other graphic cards in generally overall performance. The Radeon HD 5570 is 7% faster than the Radeon HD 5550. The Radeon HD 5770 is 145% faster than the Radeon HD 5550.

    Here's the review.
  13. you'd need a supported card. The best card that crossfire with the APU is the 6670 which isn't really worth it since both together would only be as powerful as the 5770.
  14. Wow guys thanks. Most helpfull and responsive forum EVER! I think I can safely say my questions have been answered. Thanks everyone! :)
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