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Over the past few years, the clock speed, written directly on the CPU, has been written in cryptic code. My question is, "How do I determine which cryptic characters on the CPU is the clock speed?
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  1. Hi :)

    Cryptic code like English numbers you mean ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thanks for replying to my question. Let me give you an example. The CPU have written directly on it, AMD Phenom II, HDX10WFK4FGI, CACZC AC 0904GPMW, 9069529A90617. Which one of these is the clock speed?
  3. IDK if the clock speed is hidden in there. A lot of CPUs have it written in plain English on them, but so long as you know the model number of a CPU, you can simply look up its clock speed. It's generally not like with graphics cards where many cards have different frequencies.

    Those are probably things such as batch number and all that fun stuff.
  4. CACZC 0904 seems to be a stepping code, GPMW seems to be a model number (with which you can look up the frequency on the internet), and I don't know about the rest, they might be batch numbers. Is this what you wanted to know?

    For example, your model number is a Phenom II x3 720, correct? That's what I found many links to when I searched this: GPMW
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