Samsung Monitor goes blank and power switch blinks

My current monitor is this Samsung SyncMater 2232gw
and when i fire up my pc at the upper right hand corner it will go analog then digital then analog then many switches later it`ll go to digital. then screen goes blank power switch blinking and nothing more i could do, if i click the Menu button on the monitor it`ll say "test good" then go back to blank and blinking switch goes on and on.
what to do now?
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  1. Are you using integrated graphics or a discrete card? If possible, try another graphics card and see if the problem is with the card or the monitor.
  2. That sounds like the normal behaviour of a monitor trying to find a signal

    The problem , most likely ,is either the computer ,or the cable has come lose
  3. i had the cpu checked and it was fine and was able to open up other monitors is it possible it`s broken?
  4. have you tried a different cable with your monitor?
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